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Dr. Dana Seymour, NIHB provider and registered Psychologist in Ontario, specializing in Indigenous Mental Health


I'm a psychologist, educator, and mental health advocate in Ontario. 

Dr. Dana Seymour, Indigenous psychologist, specializing in Indigenous Mental Health Therapy and Counselling in Ontario and is a NIHB provider

I'm passionate about helping, supporting,
and empowering Indigenous people
in mental health and wellness. 

In seasons of hardship, there are  complex emotions, stressful days, and challenging circumstances.


And I am drawn to helping people understand and learn what makes them feel balanced, rooted, and grounded. 


The extraordinary part of life's hardships, is that we have the inner strength to weather the season. I believe that as Indigenous people, we are inherently resilient, it's a gift from our ancestors. But when we are in the depths of life's challenges, its difficult to see our own inner strength and resilience. Part of the therapy process, is helping you see your strengths, your resiliency, and your gifts, even when you feel uprooted. I believe these are already planted within you and I'll help you see them too. 

I believe that humour and laughter is just good medicine. Even in the tough seasons. 

As your therapist my priority is to provide sacred confidential space and stillness for you to process your personal experiences. 

I believe there is power in story telling.  And that therapy is telling your story. It is the inner narrative of your experiences and understanding. 

The aim of therapy isn't too avoid the hard emotions or stress that are inherent in life, but instead to learn how to maneuver the hard seasons. Define your strengths. To nurture yourself. Find your medicines. To learn. To grow. And, to heal. 

No matter what season of life you are in  ...   whether you are knee deep in parenting, feeling overwhelmed with the demands of life, not feeling like yourself, struggling to find your purpose, or wanting to strengthen your resiliency and wellness ... my hope is that you acknowledge your perseverance and strength. My goal for therapy is to build a collaborative relationship that offers encouragement with how far you've come, motivate you to learn and grow, and help you learn what medicines work best for your mental health and wellness.  

I believe in finding the balance between the busyness of life and rest and learning to be grounded in both. 

I'm a Rez girl from
Akwesasne Mohawk Territory

Grandfather holding baby grand daughter

I have spent my clinical training and practice learning how important our Indigenous teachings, culture, and heritage is for our mental health. 

I'm from the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation and I approach mental health from a two-eyed perspective.


I conceptualize wellness with one eye through an Indigenous lens and the other eye through western psychology practices and combine the two perspectives in education, therapy, and community work. 


The Vision

Dr. Dana Seymour, psychologist, therapist, counsellor, that specializes in First Nations mental health in Ontario and is a NIHB provider


Remove barriers and increase accessibility to professional culturally appropriate mental health therapy for Indigenous individuals across Ontario.


Advocate and address challenges that impact Indigenous mental health, wellness, and healing. 


Bringing Indigenous values and teachings into the therapy room. 


Post Partum depression
Self esteem 
Strengthen resiliency and well-being 
Inner healing and finding purpose 
Intergenerational trauma 
Major life changes - marital status, becoming a new parent, career change, death of a loved one 



Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology from Lakehead University 
Master's in Clinical Psychology from Lakehead University 
B.A in Psychology from Carleton University 

College of Psychologist of Ontario 
Ontario Psychological Association


Psychiatric hospitals 
Inpatient programs 
Outpatient programs 
Community agencies 
Private practice 



Ready for a life that feels good?

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