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Anxiety is a normal part of life, in fact, we are biologically wired for it. Anxiety can actually be helpful as it motivates us to prepare for what life throws at us and to move forward.


But too much anxiety is a hinderance!


And too much anxiety can be tough to live with. Anxiety can end up controlling your day, preventing you from doing the things you love, and throwing your wellness out of balance. 

Anxiety doesn't have to be in control. There's specific ways to respond to your anxiety without giving in to the worry and avoiding the things you love to do.​


Anxiety is very common, but everyone experiences anxiety very differently. Listed below are some common symptoms of anxiety: 

  • Emotional symptoms such as feeling uneasy, irritable, fearful, agitated, restless, panic, feeling out of control

  • Mental signs such as constant worrying and racing thoughts

  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, heart racing, tense muscles, stomach aches 

  • Spirit such as not taking the time to breath, slow down, or do things that you enjoy doing

  • Behavioral signs such as trouble sleeping or staying asleep, changes in eating habits, avoiding people, places, or things related to anxiety


You don't have to keep avoiding the people, places, and situations that make you feel anxious. 

When you work with a trained clinical psychologist that specializes in anxiety, counselling can help! 

Therapy is NOT a one size fits all. We will work together to get a better understanding of your anxiety, your past experiences, and how anxiety is impacting your life. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness have been found to be very effective in treating anxiety. Therapy focuses on what triggers anxiety, your perspective of anxiety, and coping skills so you can learn to manage your anxiety. 

The CBT framework also allows for incorporating traditional or cultural healing strategies into treatment, making the therapy culturally appropriate for Indigenous people who choose to integrate cultural perspectives. 

Other Counselling Services at Trillium Psychology

Along with specializing in anxiety, Trillium Psychology also specializes in stress and depression. Leaving stress unmanaged can often lead to depression or anxiety. And often times, depression and anxiety occur together. Click here to learn more about stress. Click here to learn more about depression. Trillium Psychology can help you with your mental health and get you back to feeling balanced and well.  

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