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Mental Health Therapy

Online Counselling in Ontario

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Most of us are looking to feel more balanced, rooted, and grounded. But sometimes in seasons of hardship, we feel stuck, overwhelmed, and not sure how to move forward. 

Therapy can help you achieve the wellness and healing that you are seeking. 

Whether you are feeling stressed from parenting and life's demands, feeling sad or not interested in things you use to enjoy, maybe anxiety has taken over your life and preventing you from doing the things you want to do, or you feel like you are lacking purpose in your life.


Counselling can help! 

Therapy Provides a Sacred Space To 

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Be Vulnerable

Be Honest with Yourself 

Express Your Disappointment, Regret, Worry, Sadness, Grief, Wishes and Other Emotions that arise

Be Supported and Be Seen

Process Your Story


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Approach to Psychotherapy

The Indigenous concept of wellness is viewed through the lens of the medicine wheel and balancing the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the self. These are all interconnected, work together, and impact each other. Sometimes in seasons of hardship, your emotions may feel overwhelming and you may not feel like yourself, impacting other areas of the medicine wheel and your overall wellness. 


Therapy is a collaborative and compassionate process that focuses on your story, your unique lens of the world, and your experiences. 


Counselling also empowers you to find the tools that help you to feel balanced, rooted, and grounded. Everyone has different life experiences and circumstances and therapy helps you find what works for you! 


Therapy can help you achieve the wellness and healing you are seeking. 

Therapy is Medicine! 

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