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The Indigenous concept of wellness teaches the importance of

balancing our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of

ourselves. Sometimes life can be chaotic, challenging, and difficult.

This can lead to being out of balance, uprooted, and uncentered. 

Let's get you back to being BALANCED, ROOTED, and GROUNDED

Dr. Dana Seymour, psychologist, specializes in Indigenous Mental Health Therapy in Ontario and is an NIHB provider


Mental Health Counselling

Individual online or telephone therapy for mental health, wellness, and healing. 

Woman sitting on a brown couch with a lap top taking notes on a pad of paper


Education & Workshops

Mental health education for Indigenous organizations and communities. 

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Mental Health Initiatives

Special Projects

Collaborations for mental health initiatives and projects. 

Trauma can be a distressing event that disrupts your overall well-being.

Trauma can be a distressing event that disrupts your overall well-being.

Trauma is often broken down in Big "T" and little "t".

If you can relate to a lot to the symptoms above, therapy can help! 


Therapy can help you gain control of your emotions and help you find balance to move forward. 


Therapy for depression is not a one size fits all. Treatment is individual to the person and their unique situation and circumstances. 


A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) framework combined with mindfulness skills has been shown to be highly effective in treating depression.


Trillium Psychology differs from other mental health providers, in that a holistic approach is taken and that emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of health are integrated into therapy. 

For those who are interested in integrating Indigenous cultural practices, the CBT framework allows for incorporating traditional or cultural healing strategies into treatment. 

Don't let depression keep you from living the life you want. You don't have to tackle this on your own. 

We all feel sad from time to time, in fact, it's even normal! Part of life is emotionally experiencing the mountain peaks and the deep valleys.


But sometimes we get stuck in the deep valleys of sadness and despair.


This season of sadness is consumed with feeling dissatisfied and unhappy with life.


You feel empty inside and you lost your spark. 

You don't feel whole, rooted, or balanced. 

You may feel like life is passing you by  

And your sadness turns into weeks, months, or even years. Feeling more than occasional sadness, is more than just a bad day. 


Watch life pass you as you are feeling consumed by feeling of emptiness and discontent Hard to draw on your inner strength 

It's hard to harness hope and strength that your feelings and situation will get better. 

it could be clinical depression. When it comes to mood,  it's really easy for people to dismiss feeling sad and hope that it will start to get better on its own. 

Mist of life's distractions and responsibilities, the feelings of sadness have 

But without treatment, you can't shake depression.  Depression can get worse and prevent you from living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Symptoms of Depression 

Symptoms of Depression 

For the strong and resilient who want to feel balanced, rooted, and grounded.

She loves finding joy in the small moments of the day, being surrounded by mother nature, and the sound of her children laughing to her husbands dad jokes. 

leading to feeling  and can feel out of balance.  We can help you get back to a life of being balanced and well.

grounded, strong, steady

OUr world can feel like a choatic place, injustice, its natural to feel unsteady, 

stress anxiety can disconnect us from our bodies 

create stability and balance 

be strong 


storms and seasons 

Embracing the power and wisdom of Indigenous ancestors and the clinical training of Western psychology. 

the 5 essential skills for optimal mental health 

stress management techniques 

emotion regulation skills 

Embracing the psychology of Indigenous ancestors and the clinical training of Western psychology. 

Community Impact "Everyone has the right to be well.

Be Well is one of three interconnected pillars in our Impact Agenda, with the vision that our communities thrive when we contribute to conditions that support physical, mental, and social wellbeing. As a global company rooted in yoga and committed to whole-person development, we have a unique opportunity to advance wellbeing for all."

are community driven, acknowledge the values, traditions, and heritage, 

strong resilient 

collective well-being 

knowlege sharing 

increasing mental health awareness 


The health of our communities are important for our Indigenous people to thrive. 

Stress vs. Anxiety

Stress can sometimes be mistaken for anxiety, and experiencing a great deal of stress can contribute to feelings of anxiety. Experiencing anxiety can make it more difficult to cope with stress and may contribute to other health issues, including increased depression, susceptibility to illness, and digestive problems.

Stress and anxiety contribute to nervousness, poor sleep, high blood pressure, muscle tension, and excess worry. In most cases, stress is caused by external events, while anxiety is caused by your internal reaction to stress. Stress may go away once the threat or the situation resolves, whereas anxiety may persist even after the original stressor is gone.2

Education & Tools

Trillium Psychology offers the following mental health
workshops to help your organizations and communities thrive.  


Pandemic Planning project for a Territorial Health Department


Doctorate level training and clinical practice that is highly specialized in stress, anxiety, and depression. 


Our mission is to help Indigenous people feel their best! Everyone deserves to be joyful, healthy,
and live a life that feels good. Our goal is to make culturally appropriate psychological services
accessible to all Indigenous individuals across the province of Ontario. 

New research out of Stanford University Beliefs about stress, shifting perspective, mindset  

without stress we would become staginant 

recognize stress is a chance to go, learn, and become stronger and more resilent, 

rather than avoid or escape stress shift perception and add in relaxation, self care, and coping strategies, connect with here and now

how do you respond to stress moments 

how to switch stress story 

when stress occurs it can feel like a storm and feel like you have no control ... work to refrain stress begins here 

make stress work for you instead of against you

improving well-being, grow as a person, increasing productivity, thrive, 

My hope and intention is that you leave this site feeling like you learned something, discovered something new or felt inspired. Whether it's a design lesson, business advice or travel inspiration, I hope you can apply even one bit of something from this site in your own life.”




Individual online or telephone therapy for stress, anxiety, and depression. 



Empowering Indigenous organizations, communities, and nations in education and mental health initiatives. 


Removing barriers and increase accessibility for culturally competent mental health services for Indigenous people. 


Continue to advocate and address the challenges that impact Indigenous mental health and wellness. 


Build connections, relationships, and work collaboratively  with Indigenous individuals, organizations, and communities.  


Prioritize mental health and take small, actionable steps daily. 


I think it takes courage to 

there are lessons in the hard and challenging parts of life, personal growth 


sacrifice strength 

You became who you needed to be to survive, now let me help you become who you need to be to thrive. It would be an honour to walk with you on your healing journey. 




learn lessons 

Story telling elders, tough seasons can be a great teachers, if we pause long enough and take the time to listen. 

I think making life changes is hard, really hard. and sometimes its easier and more comfortable to not make changes, than to learn into the changes. 

you have inner strength but we don't know it, until we need it and in situations that tempt to uproot us. but we have the inner strength to 

my goal is to offer encouragement with how far you've come and motivate to persist 

go forward with your wellness journey steady and strong 

honoured to work with you 

confidential space to heal at your own pace 

Life can be hard, therapy can help! 

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